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If you are the owner of a place which you know is a declared heritage place under the Heritage Act, and you want to find out what changes you can make to your property, or how to apply to do work view Information for Owners.

If you are considering land clearing or development of some sort, and are not sure what impact (if any) the Heritage Act might have, this section provides further information.

There are two types of heritage places and object within the Northern Territory are protected under the provisions of the Heritage Act.

These are:

  • Places or objects that have been individually declared as heritage places; and
  • Aboriginal or Macassan archaeological places or objects.

It is relatively easy to determine whether a place or object has been individually declared as a heritage place by searching the NT Heritage Register.

Dealing with Aboriginal or Macassan archaeological places and objects is not so straightforward. All such places and objects are automatically protected under the Heritage Act, whether they have been recorded or not.

It is very important that if you are planning to clear or develop any land outside of built-up areas that you take steps to determine whether you are likely to be having an impact on any Aboriginal or Macassan archaeological places or objects.

For further information, go to Indigenous Heritage.